Elvia del Carmen

¬°Hola! My name is Elvia Quijano. I was born and brought up in Managua, D.N., Nicaragua. A longtime resident of California, I taught Spanish language and literature to university students; teachers and administrators of the L.A.U.S.D; attorneys, physicians, entrepreneurs, and film professionals for decades. I was always fascinated by the light and sounds of world languages and by the people who spoke them. In time, I became a state certified Translator and Interpreter, working mostly in the fields of law and medicine. My husband and I moved to his native San Antonio, where I concentrate on teaching Spanish to all who are willing to keep a positive attitude and use their sense of humour; to work smart; to stay engaged and happy while learning; to communicate clearly and effectively; to appreciate the beauty of the Spanish language, and the charm and culture of Spanish-speaking countries. I am thrilled to welcome you to our Spanish experience You are starting an enjoyable adventure and a powerful challenge. Your success is important to me. I can help you achieve your goals of speaking Spanish with confidence. As we discover, share, and reflect together, I look forward to learning with you. ¬°Bienvenidos!