How It Works

How Lingua Spanish Works

Start learning Spanish today!

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Lingua Spanish is an online platform designed to help you become a fluent Spanish speaker from the comfort of your own home.

Immerse yourself in the world of Spanish with one of our two options: one-on-one classes or group classes. Opt for the approach that suits your learning preferences and goals best, and start your journey now!

Start Your Language Adventure With These Simple Steps!


Find your perfect course through an Interview with your Instructor

Before making a purchase decision, we highly recommend having a quick interview with your instructor. This will serve as a crucial step in understanding your unique needs and preferences, allowing us to guide you towards the perfect course for you.

This interview will be Via Zoom and it's completely free! Click the button below to start your journey!


Explore and Choose

Now that you have had an insightful conversation with one of our instructors, you should now have a clearer understanding of your learning preferences. It's time to visit our courses page, and choose the one that resonates with you the most.


Select and add your preferred Course to cart

Once you've made your decision, click the "Add to Cart" button to proceed.


Proceed to Checkout

Once you have the desired course in your cart, proceed to complete the payment. Go to the cart icon at the top right corner of the page and then click "Checkout" button. You'll be redirected to the payment page where you can finalize your purchase.


Start learning!

Congratulations on taking the first step towards your Spanish language learning journey with Lingua Spanish!

Material Options

Depending on your current Spanish proficiency level, you may need to purchase one of the following books to use during your classes. However, we advise you to wait until you have your interview with your Instructor before making a decision. This interview will help determine whether the suggested books will be suitable for your specific needs or if you would benefit from a different book that better accommodates your individual requirements.

*Below the images of the books you can find the links to purchase them, but you can also find them in any book store of your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Signing up for a class is easy! Simply visit our Course Page, and choose the course that’s right for you. Then, click the “Add to cart” button, and go to check out.

Our classes are designed to meet the needs of students at all levels, from beginner to advanced, no matter where you are in your language learning journey. Before your first class, you will have a Zoom meeting with one of our experienced instructors. This brief interview allows us to get to know you better and gain a deeper understanding of your specific requirements.

We understand that unexpected situations may arise. If you find yourself in a situation where you can no longer attend the remaining classes, we offer a refund for the classes you haven’t taken. However, please note that if your course had a discount, the discount will no longer apply and each class taken will be charged at its original price of $50 USD. Please reach out to us at [email protected], so we can guide you through the refund process. Our team is here to assist you and ensure a smooth resolution.